Raincliffe Woods, Scarborough

District/Colour Coded Event

Sun 23rd October 2005


Planners Comments

The decision to use Raincliffe in place of Silpho came rather late on in the course of events. Consequently, the various stages - visiting the site, preparing courses for overprinting - were attended to with a vigour and intensity of which I am generally unaccustomed. The main focus throughout was to offer enjoyable orienteering whilst meting out the physical exertion, that goes hand in hand with terrain such as this, in little packets. Taking stock of the outcome I do accept that a little further fine-tuning would have been of considerable benefit.

Thank you for your appreciative comments and discussions after finishing your courses - they are much appreciated. I hope that you have taken away with you some pleasant memories.

Many thanks to Dave for his assistance and guidance as controller and to Nev for a great show of organising skill on the day.

Thanks to Dennis for producing such perfect artwork on the maps and also on the description lists - truly excellent. A very special "thank you" to Mike Ridealgh and his team of students for volunteering both to set out the blocks, pre event, and to bring in the blocks and controls, post event - a fete that was executed with incredibly swift efficiency.

Thank you all.

Lionel Carter

Controllers Comments

Organisers Comments