Allerthorpe Common

Night Event

Sat 15th January 2005

Controller's Comments

It was a pleasure to be able to control both Ebor events at Allerthorpe. Dennis put together good courses for both the Night Event and the District Event and was rewarded with high competitor entries.

Steve and his small band of dedicated volunteers organised a good Night Event.

John & Maggie did a great job organising the District Event assisted by willing and capable Ebor club members who volunteered their time and energy to make sure everything ran smoothly.

At the Night Event some orienteers mistook the Registration Tent for the Finish. The Finish was not lit but was in the correct place on the ground as drawn on the map, some 150 metres north of the Registation Tent.

If any orienteer has any comments on this matter please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Guy Patterson 0113 252 1489 Email:

Planner's Comments

Many thanks to Guy for his advice on my initial courses and help over the weekend. Also thanks to Stuart and Jon for their help and Steve and Mark for collecting controls. Allerthorpe isn't the most technical area but it was interesting to hear the comments on both the night and day events on how the far east end of the wood caused a few problems.

Control 107 caused the most discussion. When I arrived on Saturday morning the distinctive tree had more or less been flattened by wind blown trees during the previous week. This meant it wasn't so distinctive. Sorry if this caused you a few problems.

Finally, if anyone found a Moscow 11R thumb compass it probably belongs to my son Stuart. It was brand new so he was rather upset that he dropped it somewhere in the wood.
Dennis Hooton