Barns Cliff

Regional Event

Sun 10th April 2005

Apologies for the delayed appearance of the results. This was due to an e-mail problem.


String Course Results


1. Luke Houghton M10 SROC 4 mins
2. Elizabeth Dean W5 CLOK 11 mins
3. Jack Greensmith M5 EPOC 12 mins
4. Baraby Warren M9 NN 5 mins
5. Saskia Warren W5 NN 8 mins
6. Pauline Griffiths W50 EBOR 7 mins
7. Emily Cooper W6 EBOR 10 mins
8. Tanya Cooper W3 EBOR 14 mins
9. Tim Martin M13 NOC 4 mins
10. Shaun Martin M8 NOC 4 mins
11. Livia Wright W3 CLOK 15 mins
12. Jamie Martin M11 NOC 3 mins
13. Mark Williams M11 EBOR 3 mins
14. David Motley M11 EBOR 3 mins
15. Joshua Cooper M11 EBOR 2 mins
16. The Tigers W11   3 mins
17. Elouise Wright W8 CLOK 5 mins
18. The Bling Blings (NERS) (13 laps)     36 mins
19. Zac Field M10 EBOR 2 mins

Thanks to Simon and Anne Schmuck for conceiving, designing and operating the animal adventure at Lownorth Park today. A cuddly animal at each control - an interactive string experience?


Planners' Comments

Courses 1-12

During our visits to Barns Cliff, we encountered the area in different moods. Rivers were either raging torrents or calm and meandering, whilst the going underfoot was either a sea of mud or firmer ground. This influenced our decision at an early stage to use the bridge in both directions for our courses.

The less technical courses (10-12) in Low North Park proved difficult to plan because of the intricate path network coupled with the extra "paths" created by the motorcycle trials. We were pleased that the majority of competitors coped admirably. The planning of the remaining courses in Barns Cliff was to strike a balance between providing technical courses which were not over physical but nevertheless challenging. Optimum routes reduced climb significantly. Looking at the results, the winning times indicated that the courses were roughly in line with BOF guidelines except for course 9 (JM4/JW4). Although the length of course 9 was set according to the guideline ratios, competitors ran much faster times than expected.

Courses which included the top juniors were won in very fast times, which when you consider the physical difficulty of the terrain, looks good for the future of British orienteering.

Our thanks extend to Bill Griffiths as Organiser, Paul Taylor as Controller and Dave Binks for SI - your help & advice was invaluable and it was a pleasure to work with you. Also we are greatly indebted to our Cartographer, Cathie Odell, in enhancing and maintaining the previous Barns Cliff map - many additional features were added to take on our requirements. Despite some initial reservations in planning a very physical area such as Barns Cliff, we enjoyed our experience in working as a team and lightening each others load. This included Matt & Barrie Speake (planning courses 13-14) - we appreciate their major contribution.

Judging by the comments at the finish, the majority of competitors enjoyed their runs and found them challenging. We thank you for coming along and making our job worthwhile.

Brian Odell, Peter & Dawn Watson

Future Champions Cup Courses (13/14)

Barns Cliff is probably as near as it gets to Swiss terrain where JWOC 2005 will be held. It is both physically and technically tough, runnable terrain. Matt and I were therefore asked to provide challenging courses for the elite 18's. Judging by the winning times of around 60 mins most of you took on the challenge extremely well.

This proved that we have some very good young athletes coming through and that Barns Cliff is a very good area to test your skills. I hope you all enjoyed the challenge and good luck to those who are selected for JWOC and the Summer Tours.

Matt & Barrie Speake

Controller's Comments

The wealth of experience in the planning team was so much in evidence at this event that I felt almost redundant. Attention to detail was so meticulous that when I made any little suggestions I felt as though I was just 'nit-picking'.

The real challenge was to keep the actual climb down to a minimum and to keep the orienteering in the best terrain. In those respects the planners were most successful, producing excellent courses which were received very positively judging by the feedback from most of you at the finish.

Congratulations also and many thanks must go to Bill Griffiths and his team for the smooth and efficient organisation of the event.

It was unfortunate to note that two competitors were seen in the middle of the area the day prior to the event. I can't think of any excuse they may have had for being in the area but to gain some kind of advantage which can only be interpreted as contrary to the spirit of fairness in the sport. I am suggesting to the Organiser that if these competitors can be positively identified then they should be declared non-competitive.

Paul Taylor

Organiser's Comments

Thanks to a very experienced EBOR team of helpers my workload on the day was very light and I was able to enjoy the atmosphere on one of the sunniest spring days of the year. Special thanks to the start team for coping with the rather more complicated requirements of the junior team selectors, and necessitating special start arrangements for some courses. Thanks also to Paul Taylor for his excellent and supportive controlling and the five (yes five) highly experienced planners - a top team worthy of a major international, let alone a regional event in the North York Moors.

And thank you to over 350 orienteers for making it all worthwhile.
Bill Griffiths