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Collis Rigg & Heater Rigg
North Yorkshire
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If you find any problems with the results, please contact Dave Binks, eborsi@stoneriggs.plus.com

Version History:
11 Nov Small amendment to M35S day 2 results
final All queries resolved
vn 3 Combined results returned to vn 1.
'n/c' comments should now be correct on all results lists - in case anyone out there is concerned...
vn 2 'n/c' comments amended to indicate competitiveness re: individual badge events. However, no longer indicating competitiveness for White Rose Trophy on combined results.
  Badge standard times for Day 2 corrected.
vn 1 'n/c' referred to a competitor's non-competitive status for the 2-day White Rose Trophy even when shown against separate Day 1 or Day2 Badge events.
  Badge standard times shown for Day 2 were incorrectly showing the times for Day 1.

Lost Property/
Unclaimed Prizes

We have a small amount of lost property and a few unclaimed prizes. These will be taken to the Dales Weekend (10th -11th September) by Neville Myers and to the October Odyssey weekend (1st-2nd October) by Jim Harrison. Enquiries to 01904-761120 (not after 9pm)  

Event Details


3 days of orienteering in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park near the picturesque market town of Helmsley with its medieval castle and Duncombe Park house, the ancestral home of Lord Feversham.

The most popular and longest established orienteering holiday weekend in Britain:

Badge Event Technical Standards

The combination of badge classes shown in the original event flyer is incorrect. The revised combinations will appear in the final details, but please note that all senior badge classes will be planned to TD5 and thus will not be combined with junior classes planned to a lower technical standard.

New Relay Format

This year features a new "team-score" style of relay event on the Monday. The objective is to make the relay more fun and exciting and ensure that everyone has finished by 12:00 so they can start early on their journey home.

All three team members will start at the same time. On the start whistle each team member will pick up a copy of the same map, over-printed with all the controls for their class. It will be up to the team to decide who visits which controls, the object being for the team to jointly score as many points as possible within one hour (3/4 hr for Class D). However, it will also be compulsory for all three team members to visit 4 common controls. This will ensure that everyone has to run and must navigate. When each team member returns to the finish field, they will be held in a pen after the final control until all three are present and then they will run into the finish together. The winning team will be the one with the most points and in the event of a tie, the team that finished first. There will be different controls specified for each class, so that Class A may have 30 controls of high technical difficulty, whereas Class D will have a mixture of TD5, TD3 and TD2.

Although there will be a mass start for each class, with all three team members starting together, the fact that teams will need time to plan their routes means that people will leave the start kite at different times.

However for Class E (juniors) the relay will consist of 3 traditional cross-country routes, of yellow standard. All three set off together and will decide, after the start, which of the 3 loops each will run. (A parent can be present to advise.) Once again all three members of the team will need to be present in the holding pen, after the final control, before the team can run into the finish. First team back wins.