Castle Howard


Informal Charity Event

Fri 22nd August 2008




This area, under the management of the Arboretum Trust Kew at Castle Howard, has gentle slopes, ponds/lakes, varied and attractive trees but no brambles. It is not highly technical but the network of mown grass paths kept competitors on their toes with a few looking for the kite in the wrong block. After all the recent rain underfoot conditions were quite squelchy in some places. (The different soil conditions, clay in the east and sand in the west, enhance the number of tree species that can thrive!) Of the 4 courses the two of about 4.5km both had loops and were close to the maximum possible length. 


There was also a TrailO course (Results to follow). Look out for another trailO course on 30 November at Wallington Hall, a NT property near Newcastle upon Tyne. 


Our thanks go to The Arboretum Trust for use of the area; to Allan Farrington at Emit UK for use of the touch free controls and to Phill Batts for organising all the technical stuff; to the helpers, Michel Johnson, Mike Hardy, Joe Dobbs, Lorraine Porter.

Peter and Christine Roberts


PS The Arboretum is open daily from March to November. For details go to

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