Clifton Old Hospital Tuesday 20th April 2021

Eborienteers invite you to Clifton Old Hospital Tuesday 20th April 2021 (Level D Event).

There is a car park but it’s tiny and there will be non-orienteers using it so please park on nearby roads consider cycling/jogging/walking to the event or at least parking a bit further away.

The start/finish area is close to the very small car park on the SW side of Shipton Road YO30 5PD opposite the junction with Loweswater Road. If you park on Loweswater Road or adjacent streets, take care crossing Shipton Road (40mph traffic).


  1. Large areas of runnable grassland
  2. Areas of youngish trees with a large variety of runnability.
  3. A few deep ditches… there will be an update on the depth of the water at the start! There are bridges to cross.
  4. A marshy area with lots of wet depressions.
  5. Fences, many crossable but some mapped as uncrossable due to barbed wire.
  6. Some areas where litter louts have been at work. Don’t pick anything up.
  7. Some quiet culs de sacs… but they do have traffic so TAKE CARE!


Pre-entries only on by midnight at the end of Monday 12th April. There will be a collection point for hire SI cards if pre-ordered; the cards will be Covid-free and bagged.

(Electronic punching – SIAC Enabled, punch the start and finish).

Fees: Seniors £6, Juniors £3. 

The courses are not suitable for inexperienced juniors unless accompanied by an adult. Electronic SI card hire £1 & 0.50p Senior/Junior – pre-booked only.


You can choose your start time when you enter on the Fabian4 website. Start times from 7pm to 7.30pm. It may be dark later so you may need a torch/headlamp. Courses close 8.30pm.


Long: 15 controls in about 4km, Courses close 8.30pm. 

Score: 16 controls in a maximum of 40 minutes… shortest route about 3.5km. 1 point per control BUT a 3-point penalty for every minute late. You will need a watch! The score will NOT be a mass-start… you will choose a start time when you enter.

Safety: Although a thorough risk assessment has been conducted by the organiser, orienteering is an adventure sport and you are taking part at your own risk. Be safe and carry a whistle just in case!


Do not take part if you or any member of your household have had recent Covid-19 symptoms, or if you have been in recent contact with a known positive case.

Please take care to stay distanced from other participants, helpers and members of the public.

Arrive in time for your start already kitted up and ready to run. Take care crossing busy roads.

You should aim to arrive at the start for your start time with the minimum of standing around.

Please avoid touching SI boxes when you dib. Those with SIAC dibbers, please use them contactlessly except for the clear, check, start and finish.

When you finish go straight to download.

When download is complete make your way to your car.

Download: Please ensure you download when you finish your course.  Download will be positioned at a Covid-safe position both for competitors and the download team.  There will be a ‘splits’ printer for your timings.  Hand sanitiser will be provided.  If you do have to queue please maintain social distancing. If you have a query please inform the download team from the side of the download area, at social distance.  

Results will be posted on the Eborienteers website,

Organiser: Steve Whitehead 07811178600 (on the night only).

Safeguarding: British Orienteering and EBORIENTEERS take their safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. Please report any concerns to either Eborienteers’ safeguarding lead (Amanda Cooper, ) or to British Orienteering ( ).

Data protection: Some of the data you provide at registration (name, club and age class) will be used to publish results on our website. All other data required for insurance purposes will be kept for 5 years.

Insurance: If you are not yet a member of an orienteering club affiliated to British Orienteering, you are not covered by our public liability insurance, except if you are a newcomer to orienteering. In this case, you are only covered for three registered orienteering events without joining. Please ask any of our club officials for more information if you would like to join our club.

Photography policy: We have a policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser.

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