What is Orienteering?

A competitive outdoor sport which exercises both body and mind, building both fitness and self-confidence.

Competitors navigate round a series of checkpoints marked on a map, choosing the best route to complete their course in the fastest time. Progress around the course is recorded electronically and uploaded to a computerised results system. Each competitor starts the course at a different time, so they cannot follow and benefit from another’s route-finding. Orienteering courses can be set in forests, moorland and open countryside or in urban parks and streets. 

All events have courses of differing technical challenge, to suit beginners right up to the local champions. Different course lengths allow all ages, from 8 to 80 and all athletic abilities, from walkers to those who run regularly, to compete against opposition of a similar standard. Electronic recording of your time allows you to be ranked versus other runners, in the computerised results.

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