Breezy Knees sprint survival guide

If you are a runner or a beginner to orienteering then the sprint event at Breezy Knees is an ideal place to start. Sprint orienteering is a fast and furious race over a short distance with less technical difficulty than the forest events. Winners times will be around 15 mins with small mistakes making a big difference. If you are a runner then this is an ideal place to start as you can’t get lost, the terrain will be flat and easy and you will definitely get your heart rate up.

For your entry fee you get two races. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. They will both be in the gardens but access different parts.

This event is also a great place for families to start. We have exclusive use of the self contained venue, so you can give you children independence to navigate and try orienteering themselves at the same time as exploring the fabulous gardens. The courses are relatively short and there will be some picnic tables in the car park to use between races.

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