Breezy Knees PreO Final Details


Trail Orienteering: PreO  Sprint: this is a recent format that has been developed internationally. 

At Breezy Knees viewing will be from a firm, flat path about 150m long. As usual, competitors may not venture into the terrain (and may not speak to nor distract others). The map is marked with 12 numbered circles and 12 flags will be visible in the terrain as you walk the length of the path. The task is to decide whether there is a flag at the centre of a particular numbered circle. If yes, use the pin punch to mark ‘box A’ against that number on your card; if no, mark ‘box Z’. (You will receive the map/card combination and pin punch as you start). 

The aim is to complete these tasks as quickly as possible. As with a score event, there is a maximum time allowed, say 14min, with points taken off as a penalty for exceeding that time. The results are listed in order of correct answers and then time taken. i.e 11 correct (10m3s) beats 11 correct (12m15s) beats 10 correct (9m32s) and, of course, 12 correct within time beats all three. 

The total time taken is recorded on your dibber – don’t forget it! At the end dib in the finish box, drop your pin punch in the collecting box, download to record time taken and hand in the map/card.

Breezy Knees PreO Final Details

12 tasks, 14min time limit (16min for physically challenged). Bring a watch!

Map scale 1:3000       1mm = 3m

In column 2 of the description ‘A’ indicates there is only one relevant flag for each task. If you think it matches the circle and description punch A otherwise punch Z. You will be given a sanitised pin punch. For a ‘Z’ answer the flag must be at least 3m from the centre of the circle (this is referred to as zero tolerance).

Car park to start is 300m; do not leave CP before Sprint 1 course close time. Follow signs.

En route and quite close to the start there is a practice flag. This is where you can remind family/friends how to solve tasks and record answers. After the start, there is a rule of SILENCE SO THAT OTHER COMPETITORS ARE NOT DISTRACTED. Please respect this.

As you ‘dib’ at the start you will be handed a personalised A5 map and card combined with pictorial descriptions.  Written descriptions will be available for Juniors.

The straight path between start and finish is firm but not tarmac. You may go backwards and forwards along this path and do the tasks in any order.  


  1. you may not leave the path/go into the terrain
  2. time is limited
  3. make sure you punch (A or Z) in the column that matches the task number. Punches marks in both boxes for the same number scores 0pt (i.e. wrong).

At the finish, drop the pin punch into the bucket, ‘dib’ the finish and follow the tapes to hand in the map/card and download your time. Solution maps will be available for collection after Sprint 2 start has closed.

Results are sorted by number of points followed by time taken. Penalty for going over time is 1pt lost per minute.

To return to assembly in readiness for the afternoon sprint, return to the start and onwards by the marked route to the car park. Please remain silent until you are well clear of other competitors. In November, time is tight for three events so to you will need to keep moving. 

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