Winter Lamp O – 2022



Individual fixture details can be found here:

You will require a torch or headlamp, pen or pencil, and watch.  A compass is sometimes useful. Hopefully we can also offer these using MapRun, this will be confirmed asap.

Start and finish are in the same place.

Due to some busy roads juniors under 16 are required to be accompanied by an adult, for insurance purposes.

It is a mass start at 6.30pm prompt.  You will have 45 minutes to collect as many controls (check points) as you can.  The controls are lamp post numbers.  Each control collected is worth 10 points.  If you are over the 45 minutes, you will have to take a penalty on 5 points for every minute or part minute late.  If more than one person collects all the numbers within the 45 minutes, then the fastest time wins.

Each event will have around 30 controls (check points) to collect.

EBOR will provide the map and control card (to write lamp post numbers on).  For those who don’t know, all lamp posts are individually numbered.

Entry is £3 per event, pay on the night.

  Date Area Meet
1 19 Jan 22 Poppleton, York The Lord Collingwood
2 26 Jan 22 Haxby, York The Tiger Inn
3 9 Feb 22 Holgate/Acomb, York Carlton Tavern
4 22 Feb 22 Heworth, York The Walnut Tree
5 9 Mar 22 Huntington North, York Blacksmith’s Arms
 6  23 Mar 22 The Groves  TBC 

Please will you email me at least 48 hrs before each event so that I can get enough maps printed.

This is being run as a league with your best three scores to count. The score will be how many controls you collect.

For info contact Steve Corrigan 07752 244 284 or email

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