EBOR League – After 4 Events

So, how is your 2022 orienteering year starting out for you? King or Queen of the hills, or more of a ‘must try harder’ situation?! Are you continuing to improve on 2021 progress?

Steve Corrigan has kindly agreed to keep an EBOR league this year using the BOF ranking points, just to add extra competitive layer between you and your club-mates – here is your first league update after four events:

First NameSurnameAgeBase ScoreGotts ParkCalverleyBlacka Moor (night)Blacka Moor (day)Total
DONALD PURVESM7010220-700-7
JON BOOKERM458900-2200-22
KAREN CLARKW6510490-3500-35
RICHARD CLARKM758760-10300-103

A bit of an explanation as to how the league is calculated from Steve:

It was suggested to me that we could run an EBOR League based on BOF ranking points.  BOF ranking points are allocated to those who compete at Level C events and above.  The ranking list is based on the sum of your best 6 events in any 12 month period. 

The system I am proposing would mean that age doesn’t matter, see below.

The league would work from the beginning of the calendar year, where your BOF ranking points (best 6 events of the previous year) will be a base score

The events to score would be all ranking point events (level A, B, C events) in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, as well as those Cleveland Orienteers (CLOK) organise.  The best 8 events scores will be used for the EBOR league position.  You have to score at least 8 events by the end of the year to count.

For those who have ranking points, their base score will be their ranking score recorded on 1st Jan, divided by 6. 

For those who have some events but not 6, their base score will be recorded on 1st Jan as the average of the events they have scored.

For those who don’t have any ranking events their base score will be 1000.

Through the year, whenever you score ranking points, there will be a difference between your base score and your event BOF ranking score.  It could be positive as well as negative. This +ve number or -ve number will be your league score and the best 8 events in the year will count.

The top places will be taken up by the most improved people, not necessarily best M21, because it is a comparison to your last years ranking points to this years.

Adjustments might be made during the early part of the year because this is a bit of an experiment.

Regular updates to the scores and league will be posted on EBOR web site.

Email – stevie58c@gmail.com

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